4 February 2021 – Session 1 : Nursing around the World. Women in Medical Work during the Second World War (Laure Humbert, Frances Houghton)

Online school workshop with Frances Houghton – East Manchester Academy (Year 8 students). Resources and worksheets available here.

11 February 2021 – Session 2: Nursing around the World. Locating and Reading Archives (Laure Humbert, Frances Houghton)

Online school workshop with Frances Houghton – East Manchester Academy (Year 8 Students)

25 February 2021 – Session 3 : Nursing around the World. Conclusion (Laure Humbert, Frances Houghton)

Online school workshop with Frances Houghton – East Manchester Academy (Year 8 Students)

23 April 2021 – Session 1 : Men and Women in Medical work during the Second World War Historical Sources  (Laure Humbert, Frances Houghton )

Online school workshop with Frances Houghton – GCSE, Cedar Mount Academy (with Reshaad Al-Ghailani)

3 June 2021 – Bertrand Taithe ‘Americazing or Modernising Missionary Humanitarian Aid in Algeria 1942-1947’, séminaire ‘ONG confessionnelles: Marché mondial des convictions morales’, Mesopolhis, Sciences Po Aix et Aix Marseille Université.

4 June 2021 – Rethinking the history of Violence, Health and Care in Wartime, c. 1860-2000s.

Full programme and registration link available here.

Summary available here.

Online Workshop hosted jointly by the Research the Impact of Attacks on Healthcare (RIAH) project led by Larissa Fast (HCRI, Manchester) and this AHRC-funded project

28 June 2021 – Rethinking Gender in the History of the Resistance (Panel at the SSFH annual conference). Raphaele Balu, Geraud Letang, Laure Humbert.

Short summary available here.

19 July 2021 – Panel : Medical Neutrality and ‘Enemy’ Bodies (at the Enemy Encounters conference – Hosted by the IWM Institute for the Public Understanding of War and Conflict and the Cardiff University AHRC funded project ‘Strange Meetings: Enemy Encounters 1800-2020’).

Chair: Tobias Kelly (University of Edinburgh), with Alison Fell (University of Leeds), Frances Houghton (University of Manchester), Laure Humbert, Raphaële Balu .

Full programme of the conference available here.

14 October 2021 – La médecine dans la France libre et la Resistance (Raphaele Balu will present the project at the Mémorial de Caen during ‘Journée Jeunes Chercheurs’). full programme available here.

Video available on the Facebook page of the Memorial de Caen here.

4 November 2021 – Roundtable International Humanitarian Studies Association Annual Conference – Rethinking the History of Attacks on Healthcare (in partnership with the Researching the Impact of Attacks on Healthcare project)

Raphaele Balu – Soignants et blessés de la résistance en France en 1944 : une expérience de la violence durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale

Laure Humbert – Medical Care Under Fire: Violence, Gender and the Ethos of Stoicism in the International Hadfield Spears Hospital

Bertrand Taithe – Like Yam between Two Stones: remembering healthcare at war in Nepal (1996-2006).

Xavier Crombé – Attacks on Healthcare: Attempting a Genealogy of the Present

13 November 2021 – La maison “Spearsˮ : quand l’hôpital trouble le genre 

Laure Humbert will present her research at the Colloque international de la Fondation de la France libre. Les Françaises Libres. Spécificités d’un engagement hors norme (s)’ at the Musée de l’Armée.

26 Novembre 2021 : Humanitaire, race et politique : le mouvement international de la Croix-Rouge et l’Afrique subsaharienne (1876-1975).

Marie-Luce Desgrandchamps is presenting her research at the Institut des mondes africains, Aix-en-Provence, France.

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